The history of blvck vlfred © begins with a journey around the world, from Cologne to Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Bangkok, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and many other of our planet's metropolises.

During my global search for the latest trends and fashion highlights, I was especially inspired by my grandfather, who I valued deeply as a paternal figure, friend and teacher. Although deep down, he was kind, loving man, old age took its toll on him: He could be a grumpy old man at times. Whenever he got into one of his funks, we'd joke that his soul was black and just for a second you'd see his deep frown shift into a soft smirk. So in Grandfather Aflred's memory, I decided to name my sunglass brand Black Vlfred. I'm sure it's got him chuckling from up above right now. 


Starting your own business is not easy. Risk, fear, stress and lots of hard work are inherent to any new venture—especially for a first time entrepreneur. Yet all of what have made this so challenging have also made it incredibly rewarding and exciting. Starting a small business is really just a microcosm of life: A never ending serious of daunting problems that you must learn to confront head on, or deal with the consequences. Eventually, after failure and success alike, you come to appreciate the adversity and everything it teaches you.